Debron Acquires New Automated SMT Lines

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Debron has retooled and installed Samsung high-speed placement equipment. We are currently operating two fully automated lines with "like" equipment to ensure redundancy and expeditious product throughput. This recent million-dollar investment was essential for Debron to maintain our status as an industry leader — a status we have enjoyed for more than 30 years in the electronic manufacturing sector. The addition of this new equipment has allowed us to build superior quality products in a more efficient manner. This equipment also expands our capabilities while reducing costs for customers. If you would like to have your SMT projects quoted by Debron Electronics please contact a Debron Account Manager.


Debron Has Acquired
New SMT Equipment

Debron has acquired state-of-the-art Samsung surface-mount placement equipment. This million-dollar investment was essential for Debron to maintain...Read More



X-Ray and Automated
Optical Inspection

Inspection of BGAs requires an X-ray source to clearly identify and qualify our process engineering standards and to meet all customer requirements. Read More

Comprehensive ERP System

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is geared toward custom low- to medium-volume manufacturing. It enables Debron to manage the entire life cycle of a program. Read More

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Debron Quality Systems

Debron has earned ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 certification. We are also ISO 13485 (medical) and AS 9100 (aerospace) compliant. We believe all of our quality certifications make us a better company. Read More


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Our goal is to be your electronics manufacturing services partner. Our 30 years of experience allows us to provide a vast array of electronic services to a variety of industries. We appreciate the time you are taking to review our website. If you need electronic design and manufacturing, please call or click the "Contact" link to email us. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help you with your next project.