PCB Assembly / Mixed Technologies

Debron Industrial Electronics offers a best-in-class manufacturing facility providing a range of value-added services — from assembly of small, simple thru-hole to extremely complex 16" x 18" mixed technology printed circuit assemblies. With layout, design and manufacturing capabilities combined with modern assembly processes, we provide our customers with a total manufacturing solution for their printed circuit needs.

Debron is proud to announce that Alpha Metal's CE Analytics has certified our lead-free surface mount process. This validation assures our customers that Debron has the proper technologies and processes in place to meet lead-free and RoHS needs as they continue to move into the lead-free electronics era.

Our capabilities include a wide range of axial, radial, odd form components, surface mount devices and leading edge, Ball Grid Array (BGA) placements. We routinely process Class I, II, and III single- and double-sided configurations with standard or fine pitch requirements on various printed circuit board substrates (e.g., FR-4 rigid and flex, polyamide flex and others). We routinely handle processing requests from single- and double-sized reflow, conductive adhesives, conformal coating, potting, intrusive soldering (pin in paste) to name a few.

Surface Mount Placement Capability

  • Automated SMT Line #1 / The Samsung SM421 and SM411
  • Automated SMT Line #2 / The Samsung SM421

Samsung SM411

  • 42,000 CPH (IPC Rated)
  • Part size from 01005 to 14mm square
  • Dual gantry, 12 head placement system (process 2 PCB’s at once)
  • 112 feeder locations with docking carts
  • Max PCB size: 20 x 18 inches

Samsung SM421

  • 21,000 CPH (IPC Rated)
  • Part sizes from 01005 to 55mm square / connectors to 72mm long
  • True “on the fly” vertical alignment and upward vision camera system
  • Single gantry, 6 head placement system
  • 112 feeder locations with docking carts
  • SM400-series side tray feeder (added to line 1)
  • Max PCB size: 20 x 18 inches

Surface Mount Process Support Equipment

  • DEK 03i X inline stencil printer
  • Vitronics Soltec 10 zone reflow ovens
  • CyberOptics KS-75 inline color automated optical inspection (AOI) machine
  • Online and offline programming software (CAM) for conversion of customer supplied design data
  • Inline CCD camera inspection stations
  • Vision assisted BGA and fine pitch workstations
  • X-ray inspection
  • Automated optical inspection

Thru-hole Assembly

  • High-speed axial insertion
  • Semi-automatic odd form thru-hole assembly equipment
  • ERSA Selective Solder Machine
  • Large format wave solder (convection heat and dual-wave)




Debron Has Acquired
New SMT Equipment

Debron has acquired state-of-the-art Samsung surface-mount placement equipment. This million-dollar investment was essential for Debron to maintain...Read More



X-Ray and Automated
Optical Inspection

Inspection of BGAs requires an X-ray source to clearly identify and qualify our process engineering standards and to meet all customer requirements. Read More

Comprehensive ERP System

Our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is geared toward custom low- to medium-volume manufacturing. It enables Debron to manage the entire life cycle of a program. Read More

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Debron Quality Systems

Debron has earned ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 certification. We are also ISO 13485 (medical) and AS 9100 (aerospace) compliant. We believe all of our quality certifications make us a better company. Read More


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Partnership with Debron

Our goal is to be your electronics manufacturing services partner. Our 30 years of experience allows us to provide a vast array of electronic services to a variety of industries. We appreciate the time you are taking to review our website. If you need electronic design and manufacturing, please call or click the "Contact" link to email us. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to help you with your next project.