Diagnostic Boxes
Debron Industrial Electronics manufactures an assortment of custom breakout boxes and interface/extension harnesses for diagnostic testing and laboratory applications. Complexity ranges from straightforward point-to-point boxes and harnesses, to complex high pin count diagnostic interfaces and analytical tools with integrated electronics. End users include industrial, commercial and automotive markets as well as off-road and heavy truck applications.

Debron's design expertise and automated wire processing equipment provide competitive
solutions to your diagnostic system programs. Our engineering resources have many years
of experience and can design your proprietary products.


Debron's Optical Velocity Meter (OVM)

Model 1052 Optical Velocity Meter (OVM)
The Model 1052 Optical Velocity Meter is a Debron product designed to calculate and display velocity for a wide range of applications. The unit can be used in a test lab, manufacturing facility or a general-purpose environment.

Vehicle manufacturers utilize the meter to determine velocity for proper door latch, hood or lift gate closing. A unit is available for sliding door applications.


  • Optical velocity measurement eliminates precise set-up required by magnetic proximity sensors
  • Unit displays measurements in meters/second or feet/second
  • Stores MAX and MIN closing effort values
  • Accuracy of 1%
  • Battery powered and portable
  • Automatic shut-down after 5 minutes of non-use
  • Photoelectric sensor and interrupter pin assemblies can be vacuum cup mounted (supplied with the OVM)
  • 32 hours of operation between battery charges
  • 3 hour charging cycle
  • Available with a RS-232 port for real-time data acquisition

Model 1053 Verification Fixture
This verification fixture is available to check/verify functional operation of the Model 1052 OVM. It is not a calibration tool for the OVM.


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X-Ray and Automated
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Debron has earned ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949 certification. We are also ISO 13485 (medical) and AS 9100 (aerospace) compliant. We believe all of our quality certifications make us a better company. Read More


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