About Debron

Since 1981 Debron Industrial Electronics has build a solid reputation as one of Michigan’s leading manufacturers of industrial electronics and PCBs. We are committed to providing a great place to work, developing our team, and creating exceptional customer experiences. Our passion for quality, developing partnerships with our customers, and providing customized value based solutions makes Debron Industrial Electronics the leader in electronics contract manufacturing.

In September 2019 Debron Industrial Electronics acquired DCA Manufacturing of Cumberland, WI. This acquisition has provided Debron Industrial Electronics with ISO13485 certification for medical devices, expanded our technical staff, and greatly expanded our manufacturing capacity. To learn more about DCA Manufacturing please visit www.dcamanufacturing.com

We deploy a wide range of equipment for the assembly of printed circuit boards — from axial lead component insertion to state-of-the-art, high-speed, surface mount component placement machinery.

Industries We Serve


PCBs are used in many of the modern amenities we’ve grown accustomed to in our cars. Debron Industrial Electronics has the ability to provide PCBs and electronics to modern vehicles for applications such as control systems, navigation and entertainment systems, sensors, cameras, and keypads.

LED Lighting

PCBs are a necessary electronic component in the design and manufacture of an LED Lighting product. Debron Industrial Electronics can provide PCBs for LED Lighting applications such as indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, street lighting, storefront lighting, parking lot lighting, and more.

Industrial Manufacturing

Debron Industrial Electronics develops and manufactures PCBs to be used in Industrial Manufacturing equipment such as robotics, IoT technology, drills, presses, and more. In addition Debron Industrial Electronics provides PCBs for Industrial Measuring equipment such as gauges, sensors, scales, and more.


Similar to the automotive industry, modern planes have several uses for PCBs. Debron Industrial Electronics manufactures PCBs and other electronic equipment for the aerospace industry for various pilot monitoring equipment, and in air and air to ground communication equipment.

Military and Defense

PCBs used for military applications must be extremely reliable and must meet various government quality standards. Debron Industrial Electronics has the capability to provide Military and Defense applications with PCBs and Electronics for communication equipment, control systems, and instrumentation.