PCB Assembly

Debron Industrial Electronics offers a best-in-class manufacturing facility based in South East Michigan providing a range of value-added services — from assembly of small, simple thru-hole to extremely complex 16″ x 18″ mixed technology printed circuit assemblies. With layout, design and manufacturing capabilities combined with modern assembly processes, we provide our customers with a total manufacturing solution for their printed circuit needs.

Our capabilities include a wide range of axial, radial, odd form components, surface mount devices and leading edge, Ball Grid Array (BGA) placements. We routinely process Class I, II, and III single- and double-sided configurations with standard or fine pitch requirements on various printed circuit board substrates (e.g., FR-4 rigid and flex, polyamide flex and others). We routinely handle processing requests from single- and double-sized reflow, conductive adhesives, conformal coating, potting, intrusive soldering (pin in paste) to name a few.

Surface Mount Placement Capabilities and Equipment

Automated SMT Line #1 / The Samsung SM421 and SM411
Automated SMT Line #2 / The Samsung SM421

Samsung SM411

  • 42,000 CPH (IPC Rated)
  • Part size from 01005 to 14mm square
  • Dual gantry, 12 head placement system (process 2 PCB’s at once)
  • 112 feeder locations with docking carts
  • Max PCB size: 20 x 18 inches

Samsung SM421

  • 21,000 CPH (IPC Rated)
  • Part sizes from 01005 to 55mm square / connectors to 72mm long
  • True “on the fly” vertical alignment and upward vision camera system
  • Single gantry, 6 head placement system
  • 112 feeder locations with docking carts
  • SM400-series side tray feeder (added to line 1)
  • Max PCB size: 20 x 18 inches

Surface Mount Process Support Equipment

DEK Horizon 8 and DEK 03i X inline stencil printers
Vitronics Soltec 10 zone reflow ovens (Lead-Free Certified)
MVP Supra E inline AOI (Line 1)
Online and offline programming software (CAM) for conversion of customer supplied design data

Thru-hole Assembly Equipment

High-speed axial insertion
ERSA Selective Solder Machine (Lead & Lead-Free solder pots)
Vitronics Soltec Lead-Free Wave Solder (convection heat and dual-wave)

PCB Support Equipment

Vision assisted BGA / Fine Pitch workstation
Sayaka PCB Router
Glenbrook RTX-113 X-ray inspection